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  • Housing Terms You Should Know During Construction

    Say what? Here you are building your first home, and everyone is throwing out words you’ve never heard. Some seem familiar, but you have no idea how they relate to you or your home. So, you just smile and nod like it all makes sense. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a […]

  • Home is Where the Heart is

    You can paint and decorate just so, but the trick to making a house a home is to fill it with sentimental value and memories, or in other words, love! Whether you purchase the largest house on the block, the mansion on the hill, or the one-bedroom cottage down the way, home is refuge for […]

  • Your Home’s Royal Crown: What Roof Style Fits You?

    Your roof is the crown of your home. It is the ultimate component that brings your little kingdom together and provides protection from outsiders. Without the proper crown, your home is subject to the demands of negligence and higher bills. Keep in mind that roofs made with improper materials may lead to leaks, bugs, and […]

  • 5 Winter Sports to Experience Along the Wasatch Front

    Fluffy white snowflakes make the Wasatch front a celebrated retreat. Known for world-class snow, Utah is a coveted location for tourists and residents alike. While we haven’t seen much of the fluffy white stuff in the valley this year, that doesn’t mean winter traditions are canceled. Take a trip into the great, wide mountain ranges […]

  • Utah Housing Forecast for 2018

    As we look ahead into 2018, a common query is whether or not it will be a good year in the real estate exchange. Homebuyers certainly want to get the best price and value for their dream home, and because it’s such a long-lasting purchase, it’s essential to pay attention to the housing market in […]

  • New Years Resolutions for Your Home

    Happy new year! The pressure is on to put pen to paper and make goals that will define your 2018. Did you know that 80% of those that make new years resolutions fail by February? This is likely because they set goals that are either unrealistic or unmeasurable. As you consider your new years resolutions, […]

  • How to Choose the Best Color Palette for your Home

    Designing your home’s interior is one of the most important parts of making a house a home. You want every room to radiate your personal style and create the perfect atmosphere for your family. Before buying new furniture or artwork, chose a color palette for your room that will bring a smile to your face […]

  • 3 Undiscovered Eateries in North Salt Lake

    Just a skip up from Salt Lake’s urban city, North Salt Lake has established a personality all its own. Many well-established family businesses give its streets a hometown character and community atmosphere. Bella Vida, Candlelight’s community atop the hills of Edgewood, is within a short distance of a variety of mom and pop eateries that […]

  • 5 Creative Games for your Holiday Party

    Now that your home is adorned with strands of garland and poinsettias, it’s time for family, games, and fun! A house becomes a home when friends and family gather together to make lasting memories. Fill your home with love and laughter this holiday season with these five Christmas party games! Candy Cane Hook ‘em is […]

  • 4 Front Door Design Essentials

    Your front door is the focal point of your home and the passing point that you, your family, and your guests unavoidably frequent every day. It should be a spot that makes you feel like a celebrity as you leave in the morning and smile as you step over the threshold after a long day’s […]