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5 Winter Sports to Experience Along the Wasatch Front

Fluffy white snowflakes make the Wasatch front a celebrated retreat. Known for world-class snow, Utah is a coveted location for tourists and residents alike. While we haven’t seen much of the fluffy white stuff in the valley this year, that doesn’t mean winter traditions are canceled. Take a trip into the great, wide mountain ranges of Salt Lake and discover the winter sports you’ve been missing!


Snowmobiling provides a scenic ride through Utah’s beautiful mountains. Take your time riding groomed paths overlooking pristine panoramic views, or crank up the engine and zoom through adrenaline inducing, back-country trails.


A winner for everyone in the family is tubing! Hop on an inner tube, and slide down the mountain, then let a tug rope pull you right back to the peak for another round. Forget about trudging back to the top with your kids in tow, just enjoy the crisp air in your face and the butterflies in your stomach!

Skiing and Snowboarding

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Skiing and snowboarding is not just for professionals. Sign up for a class and give it a go! You’ll learn the techniques and skills you need for a smooth ride down the mountain on two feet.


Explore Utah’s national forests and state parks by snowshoeing across miles of trails made just for the occasion. Snowshoes allow you to “float” above the powder snow instead of sinking right in. If you love the energy and beauty of a summer hike, snowshoeing is the winter equivalent. You’ll love it!

Ice Skating

If you’re looking for something hard core and a little less fluffy, get on the ice! Hold on to the rail to get acclimated to your skates, then slowly move away. You’ll be swirling around in no time!