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Beautiful is
in the details.

At Candlelight Homes, our purpose is
to provide the most beautiful homes
at the greatest value in our market.

At Candlelight Homes, our purpose is
to provide the most beautiful homes
at the greatest value in our market.

Building a lifetime
of memories.

Candlelight Homes is building more than beautiful homes; we’re building a place where your family can make a lifetime of memories. The homes we build are carefully crafted with energy efficiency and smart technology in mind, ensuring your home remains a place of quality and comfort for years to come. We’re confident you’ll absolutely love your home and will want to share your building experience with family and friends.

Candlelight is a customer-focused company full of passionate, dedicated people who care about delivering a positive building experience. Families enjoy a lifestyle that promotes long-lasting wellness, happiness, and success. We strive to make your experience exceptional. From initial contract to move-in, we’ll be there every step of the way.

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It's all about

Candlelight Homes focuses on building community. That means we take the time to think through how people will live in their homes, and what will make them love where they live. Over the last 4 years, we’ve been designing and planning a new master-planned community with a purpose.

At our new community, Firefly, there are over 400 acres of open space, parks, and trails. We’ve included a huge variety of amenities and even a multi-sports complex in the design. But parks and amenities weren’t enough to fulfill our vision. The real goal for this community is to get kids excited to play outside with friends and help families reconnect through real life exeriences. To acheive this goal, we’ve gone a step further and hired a full-time Activities Director who plans regular activities and events curated for all ages to give kids and families fun stuff to do…together.

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Our Vision

Families are making memories,
and when kids grow up, they'll
have the best stories to tell.

Imagine a place filled with beautiful homes where kids ditch their devices and
families reconnect … where activities abound and community comes together.
That's our vision for Firefly, to create generational change. Let's teach our children
and grandchildren how to be kids, so they can live happy, healthy childhoods with
lots of adventures and memories. Join us on this journey to change the story.