Home is Where the Heart is

You can paint and decorate just so, but the trick to making a house a home is to fill it with sentimental value and memories, or in other words, love! Whether you purchase the largest house on the block, the mansion on the hill, or the one-bedroom cottage down the way, home is refuge for learning, love, and laughter. Here are some ideas to help you fill your home with a little more positive energy.


Everything in your home should bring you friendly feelings. Take a stroll around your house. Is there anything that makes you cringe? Maybe an old vase or painting that makes you crinkle your nose? Why is it there? If it holds value for someone in the family, let that be a good reason for it to stay, and smile instead of letting it give you grief. If not, then by all means, get rid of it! Your home should hold a collection of things you love. Fill it with music, scents, and décor that you enjoy.

Motivate and Uplift

Fill your home with words of affirmation that will linger when neighbors come to visit. Take time to observe the talents of others and give them compliments. Uplifting words fill your home with a positive atmosphere and make it a place where people want to be. So, bite your tongue when you have something contentious to say and instead make your home comfortable and inviting for all who enter.

Find time for family

Find little moments for your family to gather and spend time together. Busy schedules tend to wrap themselves around every minute of every day, and slowly but surely, weeks and months pass by without us noticing. It may not be possible to get the entire family together every day, but try to set aside time to spend with those at home. A great time is during family dinner! Savor the moment by avoiding TV and other electronics, and just enjoy each other’s company talking about your day.

When you aren’t together, you can still make time for each other. Write little notes for your kids to find in their backpacks or for your spouse to find in their car. Try to stay on top of everyone’s schedule and step in to help where you can. Is there an errand you can run for someone? Can you help with chores that may be assigned to someone else? Finding time to be with others and to serve them while you are apart makes for a strong and loving household.