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5 Creative Games for your Holiday Party

Now that your home is adorned with strands of garland and poinsettias, it’s time for family, games, and fun! A house becomes a home when friends and family gather together to make lasting memories. Fill your home with love and laughter this holiday season with these five Christmas party games!


Candy Cane Hook ‘em is a unique race that not only brings out everyone’s competitive side but also keeps them laughing! Try it from Happiness is Homemade.


Pin the nose on the… reindeer! It may seem like an old children’s game, but it will always be a classic! You’ll be laughing at yourselves in no time. See an example from Living on the Crazy Side of Life.


If you’re looking for an activity for the kids, check out this Don’t Ring the Bells Obstacle Course from Childhood 101. Kids must pass a variety of obstacles without ringing the Christmas bells. They’ll want to play over and over again!


The Saran Wrap Ball from iSaveAtoZ is an active game that breaks the ice and gets everyone playing! Just wrap up some prizes in plastic wrap, and watch everyone go crazy!


An all-time party favorite, would you rather, is a great way to get to know others and provoke new thoughts. Try this Christmas would you rather game from Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids to get players talking.