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4 Front Door Design Essentials

Your front door is the focal point of your home and the passing point that you, your family, and your guests unavoidably frequent every day. It should be a spot that makes you feel like a celebrity as you leave in the morning and smile as you step over the threshold after a long day’s work. Not to mention, making your front entrance a welcoming space is the first hint that the inside of your home is well-kept and inviting. Here are some ideas to add a little personality to your front door so when guests come to visit, they’ll feel right at home!



Talk about optimum contemporary detail! A door with windows adds sophisticated charm to your front entrance and natural light to your space. You can find a front door with windows small enough to add just a little detail or choose to be bold, and pick wide-open widows to showcase your foyer. If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t be! Glass windows can either be textured or frosted so that only sunrays can peek through.



The trend to color your front door is alive and thriving (despite any misguided predictions). A little pop of color on your front door gives your home’s exterior a boost of energy and a splash of style. Test out a royal blue for a confident and regal feel or a blush pink for a more subtle, yet elegant touch. The best part about coloring your door is you can always change it right back if you don’t like it. So, if you’ve had any inkling to give your door a new wardrobe, now’s the time to give it a go!



Now, there’s the standard door size of course… but there’s also the tall, the short, the fat, and the skinny! Giving your door a little more height or width is a unique design element that makes your home feel a little more spacious. It’s such a simple, yet glamorous, way to open up your entryway!



The architectural details that guide you to your front door can significantly attract the amiable feeling you’re looking for in a front entrance. Frame your front door with a detailed trim or decorative brackets to give it some personality. For a secluded feel, cover your entrance with a gabled roof and decorative columns. These elements are sure to make your front door the center of attention.