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3 Undiscovered Eateries in North Salt Lake

Just a skip up from Salt Lake’s urban city, North Salt Lake has established a personality all its own. Many well-established family businesses give its streets a hometown character and community atmosphere. Bella Vida, Candlelight’s community atop the hills of Edgewood, is within a short distance of a variety of mom and pop eateries that are craved by locals and travelers alike. If you have an appetite for something fresh and authentic, try out these three undiscovered places to eat in North Salt Lake.

The Sunshine Café


Janet’s Sunshine Café wakes up guests with a cheerful “good morning” and a delicious breakfast served sunny-side up. Enjoy fluffy pancakes, French toast, crispy bacon and eggs cooked to perfection all at a reasonable price point. What’s more, the staff is dedicated to making the most important meal of the day the best part of the day. If you love breakfast, the Sunshine Café is a must try.

Chile Amor


For lovers of all comida Mexicana, Chile Amor boasts North Salt Lake’s favorite tacos, parrilladas, burritos, and fajitas. This modest grill will fill your hunger for authenticity while surrounding you with a fun, cultural atmosphere.

Z Brothers Pizza


Every town needs their own pizza place! Z Brothers is a family friendly pop-up that serves specialty pizza and wings made by the hands of neighbors, for neighbors. Pop in for a quick slice or stay home and get it delivered!