5 Things to do in North Salt Lake

The city of North Salt Lake appeals to a myriad of people with various backgrounds and hobbies. There are so many things to do for those who love the arts, culinary experiences, outdoor adventures, and more. Within this wonderful city is an alluring community, Bella Vida, perfectly situated along the eastern ridge above North Salt Lake. It is placed at a comfortable proximity to city life close enough to frequent downtown events but far enough to enjoy the exclusive perks of elevated suburban living. In North Salt Lake, there’s no shortage of entertainment options, but for a bit of inspiration, check out these five things to do within 15 minutes of Bella Vida.

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory Tour


Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolate is a beloved favorite and hometown secret of North Salt Lake. Hand-dipped chocolates, homemade caramels and creams, and savory brittle are just a few of the delicacies that Mrs. Cavanaugh’s offers. Their factory tour demonstrates the process of candy making from beginning to end and features a video of how chocolate is made from cocoa beans. Behind glass windows, you’ll see confectioners hand-dipping candies and conveyer belts pulling the goodies to boxing stations. After seeing your chocolate made from beginning to end, you’ll even get a sample to see how it turned out!

Eaglewood Golf Course


Eaglewood Golf Course challenges golfers with 18 holes of varying elevations and slopes. It is a popular mountainside green for golfers of all skill levels and offers gorgeous valley views. Because of its unique location, wildlife is often seen playing alongside golfers. The most common is the bald eagle, faithfully staying true to the name of this beautiful course. Experienced or not, visitors will love the exclusive golfing experience found only at Eaglewood.

Ensign Peak


Ensign Peak is a historic landmark that sits behind Utah’s state capitol. The first Utah settlers climbed this hill on July 26, 1847 to assess the land and map out the valley. The mountain later became a place for festivals and celebrations. To commemorate the importance of this grand location to early Utah development, a monument was placed at the top of the hill in 1934. Climbing to Ensign Peak is an easy .09-mile hike with a 380-foot elevation gain. The trip is excellent for families or individuals looking for a quick climb with an unbeatable destination.

Memory Grove Park and Meditation Chapel


Memory Grove is the ideal site for a stroll in the park. Just away from the hustle and bustle of the city, beautiful landscaping and meandering walkways make it a coveted location for everything from elegant events to casual picnics. City Creek runs right through the middle, perfecting the picturesque scene. The park, dedicated to Utah veterans who gave their lives during various wars, features multiple memorials placed throughout the garden. Meditation Chapel and a replica of the Liberty Bell are just a few of the highlights. Meditation Chapel is a sanctuary built in honor of those from Utah who died during World War II. Tours are offered during various times of the year to provide deeper insight into the stories of the heroes who gave their lives for our country. In this beautiful sanctuary, you can find an escape from the noise of life and enjoy a moment of gratitude and serenity.

Utah Opera


Utah Opera continues the rich tradition of the performing arts in the Salt Lake Valley. Presenting multiple unique productions throughout the year, Utah Opera produces classical favorites as well as contemporary works. Educational opportunities are available for those who want to learn more about specific Opera artists and performances. Enjoy an elegant evening out of the house and become immersed in the artistic distinction created by Utah Opera.

With just these few ideas of things to do in North Salt Lake, you can see the variety of entertainment available to visitors and residents alike. Many more entertainment opportunities lay in the heart of the city, including museums, sports arenas, shopping districts, children’s events, and much more. Come take a gander at this intriguing city, you’ll be enthralled for days!