10 Family Halloween Costumes for Trick or Treating

Changing colors and pumpkins perched upon every doorstep tell us it’s almost time for little witches and ghosts to come knocking at our doors. Though revered in many ways around the world, Halloween and similar holidays continue to celebrate variations of some of the oldest traditions. Dressing up was once thought of as a way to scare off unwanted spirits. But now it’s an opportunity to have fun dressing up in effort to collect treats and maybe even play a few tricks. From movie characters and celebrities to superheroes and inanimate objects, Halloween is a time to be anyone (or anything) you can dream up! To make your getup even more enticing, have your family join in on your theme. Family costumes are a fun and creative way to get into the spirit of Halloween and spend quality time together. We’ve gathered some of our favorite family costume ideas from across the web to get your ideas flowing. Take a look!


Dinosaur Trainers from Jackie Vest


Family of Robbers from Two Days in a Tent


101 Dalmations from Everyday Art


The Breakfast Club from Costume Works


Beehive and Beekeeper from Zinke


Back to the Future from Coupon Cravings


Inside Out from Costume Works


Doughnuts and Makers from Costume Works


Circus from Costume Works


Smores from Mom.Me