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New Years Resolutions for Your Home

Happy new year! The pressure is on to put pen to paper and make goals that will define your 2018. Did you know that 80% of those that make new years resolutions fail by February? This is likely because they set goals that are either unrealistic or unmeasurable. As you consider your new years resolutions, try to think outside the box. What can you do that will bring your home and family more peace and happiness this year? Then, don’t over-do it! Choose just one, maybe two, realistic and measurable goals that will help you get ahead in 2018. Here are some goals you can set to keep your home clean, organized, efficient, and welcoming this year.


A tidy home truly makes everyone inside a little happier, so consider some of the following ideas to keep your humble abode clean this year.

  • Never leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Choose one “clean once a year” task such as walls, windows, carpets, light fixtures, flooring under appliances, etc. to complete every month.
  • Resolve to help your kids learn to pick up their toys every night (or every week).
  • Make a chore chart that determines what needs to be cleaned and when, then resolve to do it!


Clutter sticks around year after year even after all our efforts to get organized. Choose one, and only one, thing to get organized this year and buckle down.

  • Kids’ toys
  • Old books and magazines
  • Family heirlooms and sentimental objects
  • Arts and crafts
  • Papers and bank statements


Make it a goal to save money, or to be more green, by cutting down your electricity and water bills. Any money you save can be put toward home improvement!

  • Turn off the lights every time you leave a room.
  • Keep your showers to “x” minutes (try cutting your current shower time in half).
  • Put a recycling bin next to your garbage bin and try to recycle more often.


Resolving to finish a creative project is good for your health and confidence. Here are some ideas to help you accomplish something a little out of your comfort zone.

  • Complete a craft or DIY project to make your home more beautiful.
  • Host an event in your home such as book club, dinner with friends, or a baby shower.
  • Renovate one room, corner, or shelf in your home.