4 Tree Trimming Ideas That Totally Twinkle

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches! But you know what would make them even more lovely? Some gorgeous décor! Arguably the most exciting and anticipated of all the Christmas traditions is decorating your very own Christmas tree. But over time, the same old ornaments start to lose their luster. We know it can be almost impossible to revamp your design year after year, so we’ve unwrapped four enchanting examples of tree décor that you may not have seen before! Branch out this holiday season by adding flowers, twigs, or even socks for a little extra adornment to trim your beautiful tree. Now let’s deck those halls!

1. Pretty in Plaid

For details on this festive foliage, visit Kara’s Party Ideas.

2. Floral and Feminine

For details on this charming creation, visit Classy Clutter.

3. Beautiful Black and White

For details on this stylish shrubbery, visit Just Destiny Mag.

4. Woodsy Wonderland

For details on this timber-filled tree, visit Craftberry Bush.