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4 Scary-Good DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Are you waiting until the last minute to spookify your space? Well, no need to fear, we’ve gathered up four DIY outdoor Halloween decorations that are so easy, you can make them this weekend. Now what are you waiting for? Let’s scare some trick-or-treaters!

1.  Witch Hat Lanterns

Witch Hat Lanterns

For more information on this creepy creation, visit Polkadot Chair.

2. Monster Door

Monster Door

For more information on this devilish décor, visit B+C.

3. Raven Porch Décor

Raven Porch Décor

For more information on this chilling craft, visit Create,Craft, Love.

4. Hanging Bats

Hanging Bats

For more information on these eerie ornaments, visit Amazon.