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4 Perennial Blooms To Plant This Weekend

It seems as if spring has sprung… at least for the moment! So why not take advantage of the warm weather this weekend by planting some gorgeous perennials to enjoy year after year? Whether your thing is multiple tiny blooms or larger than life blossoms, we’ve got four ideas that are sure to give you some serious flower power!

1. Forget-me-nots

This delicate little flower grows on tall, hairy stems which can reach up to two feet in height. Charming five-petal blossoms with yellow centers bloom from May through October, giving you plenty of time to enjoy their color. The care needed is minimal, and they grow best in shady areas, but are known to easily adapt to full sun. For more tips and tricks, visit Gardening Know How.

2. Lavender

This fragrant flower is best planted in dry, arid climates in nearly moisture-free soil. They bloom in summer and clipping faded blooms will encourage continued growth throughout the warm season. The responsibility needed for this bee attractor is minimal, just ensure that proper drainage is maintained for optimum growth. For more tips and tricks, visit Sunset.

3. Peonies

Known to many as one of the most beautiful flowers to plant in the garden, this giant blossom does best in full sun or partial shade. Plant them at least two feet apart for maximum growth, and expect a fountain of glossy green foliage and colossal flowers that are practically maintenance free! For more tips and tricks, visit Easy to Grow Bulbs.

4. Hepatica

This unique little flower can grow to be six inches tall and can cover an area from three to six inches wide. It does great in soils that are mildly acidic and makes an excellent ground cover. It most often blooms from early spring to mid summer, and attracts a variety of beautiful butterflies. For more tips and tricks, visit Gardening Know How.