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4 Backyard Design Necessities

Warm summer breezes are sweeping through our backyards this Summer. Kids run around barefoot, popsicles drip all over the patio, bees hum their way through the garden, smells of barbeque fill the air, and friends gather late into the night. Take advantage of these carefree summer nights while they last with these backyard design necessities!

1. String lights turn every backyard into a luminous masterpiece. Hang them over your patio to add some extra light for an endless night.

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Construction Corporation. Check them out!


2. An outdoor rug takes the comfort from the indoors and adds it to the magic of the outdoors. Create a central gathering place with a bright rug that accents your patio and anchors your seating area.

Photo courtesy of Lotus Gardenscapes & Bloom Garden Center. Check them out!


3. Hanging benches create a fun sitting area where families can enjoy the summer rays. Enjoy a good book or a friendly chat in your outdoor living room.

Photo courtesy of Alexis Courtney Photography. Check them out!


4. Get ready for sticky marshmallow fingers and roasted hot dog dinners. A fire pit adds that extra spark that makes your backyard escape complete.

Photo courtesy of Encore Construction. Check them out!